Pollyanna Films 

Community Partnerships

A Family of Weddings
Doco/Animation series Cultural diversity for Early Childhood Workers- /AGECS/Melb. Uni.
Animation workshop Allwood Community House Hurstbridge
Animation/Film making workshops Hurstbridge Learning Co-op
Animation workshop Rushworth P-12
Rural GridAnimated Visual Arts sequence- Nominated for Nillumbik Arts Prize2014
Strathewen Primary School/ Arts Victoria/VCAMelb.Uni-Teacher /Student workshop
Shepparton English Language Centre-Teacher /Student workshop
Allwood Community House Hurstbridge-Teacher /Student workshop
Shepparton English Language Centre/ Arts Victoria/VCAMelb.Uni-Teacher /Student workshop
Strathewen Primary/ Arts Victoria/VCAMelb.Uni-Teacher /Student workshop
St Lukes Bendigo/ Arts Victoria/VCAMelb.Uni-Teacher /Student workshop
Shepparton English Language Centre/ Multicultural Arts Victoria- -Teacher /Student workshop
Culture Bowl
Youth Junction Inc.– Teacher /Student workshop
Strathewen Primary School – Teacher Student workshop
What’s Next- Nominated for Best Primary Animation ATOM awards 2012
Shepparton English Language Centre/Berry St/Ethnic Council – Teacher /Student workshop
Family of Weddings- Winner Best Middle School Animation ATOM awards 2012
Forrest Primary School Teacher/student workshop
Forrest Community House Youth Animation workshop
Berry St Seymour Youth Worker Animation Workshop
Berry St Seymour Youth & Youth Worker Animation Workshop
Regional Arts Victoria Big Screen Committee
Youth Animation workshop Winchelsea House
Youth Animation Workshop Otway Health Apollo Bay
Eric  Animation/drama Forrest Primary School